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Quote: "Five Ways To Make Sure Your Photography Stands Out"

  • Develop your own style
  • Photograph a niche
  • Shoot often and show the work
  • Know your audience
  • Be an original
Read the full post here.

Spring is coming...

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Sunrise@Lefkada Island@Greece

You Have To Sustain

"I think it’s easy to look at other people’s work and say that you want to do that.

But a lot of the time you don’t see the sacrifice that they put in behind the scenes."

found it here.

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I downloaded the trial version of Apple's Aperture 3, and I have to say that it looks promising. One think that bothers me is that BorderFX plug-in is 32-bit whereas Aperture 3 is 64-bit...

"BorderFX for Aperture currently doesn't work with the new Aperture 3 in 64 bit mode, I am working on a new version that will work with Aperture 3 in 64 bit mode. I hope to have a beta version ready by next week. As soon as I have a new version ready, I will post a link to it so people can start testing it with Aperture 3."

A MBP 17''

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Apple releases Aperture 3!

Aperture 3 is here!


Two very interesting lenses from Nikon

Although I am a Canon user, I found those two Nikon lenses a very wise move!
A fast and long-awaited prime as well as a revolutionary wide-angle lens with a VR!!!

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