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nothing exciting happening...

"What do you do when there is nothing exciting happening at the wedding?"
This is a question I get asked all the time by photographers,
which inevitably leaves me scratching my head
as to why they asked it in the first place!!

My answer is always the same,
there are pictures and moments at every wedding,
regardless of what is happening around you.
You just need to open your eyes and
look, observe, take notice.

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A bell

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Natural FlashLight

From Photography Monthly magazine (May 2011, p. 70)

Χριστός ανέστη!

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Don't settle!

"All those many words to say: don’t settle.
Your dreams will be different than mine,
but the regret for not living them
will be the same.
Life is short.
Choose your risk intentionally,
don’t try to avoid it.
Live a great story;
don’t settle for merely watching them.
Whatever got stirred in you
when I wrote the first blog post
in the Life is Short category,
I hope you’re moving towards it.
Because those dreams are part of what
it means to life to the fullest."

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Changed by the pictures

"We’ve heard it a million times—being a photographer
is much more than carrying a camera in a bag.
Creating a good photograph demands more than technique and skill.
Good photographs require that we use our mind and our heart.
If we want to make pictures that cause change,
we must be the first ones changed by the pictures that we make."

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Winners don't set limits.

They set goals."

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Be the first


be the best


be different!

The moon

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