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An ant and a peanut

The impressive thing here is that the ant is currying a peanut that is many times its own weight!
We (humans) cannot do such a thing!

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...fewer clients

The great thing about

raising prices

is that you suddenly

need and want way

fewer clients!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...your best.

Keep company only with people

who uplift you,

whose presence calls

forth your best. 

- Epictetus

Monday, July 18, 2011

During a Baptism

Do the work!

Don’t worry about
getting inspired,
being original,
or any of the other things that
haunt the creative mind.

The muse will show up,
she always does.
It’s she who’s waiting.
Just start.

Do the work.

Read it here.

The artist and the gift

“The artist is nothing without the gift,

but the gift is nothing without work.”

~Emile Zola

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Advice for photographers...

What advice do you have for photographers just starting out?

Survival as a photographer is based on three things,

have a passion for the craft above all else,
look at yourself as an artist
and promote yourself as such,
and most important, 
take thousands of pictures.

I have yet to meet someone
who is just starting out in photography
that is producing more images than me.
If I can out shoot you at 51,
then you are in trouble.

by Joel Grimes.

At a wedding

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