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Take more risks

The question that was asked was along the lines
of the kind of advice I’d give to people
starting out, specifically those wanting to make
a living with their photography.
My reply is the same whether or not you ever intend to
make a dime at your art:

Take more risks.

found it here.

Elvis :)

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Stop complaining

"10. And finally, if you happen to be a complainer, determine it's time to stop complaining and making excuses about the same old thing all the time and make plans to do something about it. One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard over the years was that there were no excuses. When you remove "excuses" from the "lets get something done" equation, guess what, things start to happen."

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Quote: The value lies

"You can generate idea after idea,
fill your Moleskine notebooks so jam-packed
with great ideas the world would fall down at your feet
if only they knew how creative you were.
But the trap lies in thinking that
coming up with the ideas is where the value is.
It isn’t.
The value lies in your ability to execute.
Forget all the hundreds of ideas. Pick one.
And do it. Then pick another, and do it too."

found it here and could not agree more!