Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 Photographic Exercises

1. Photograph your definition of “Sunday Afternoon”
2. Photograph a person standing in a doorway
3. Photograph two subjects that don’t go together like a basketball team standing in a swimming pool wearing their basketball uniforms
4. Randomly pick a window in your house and make photographs from and through that window
5. Photograph shadows
6. Photograph a stranger
7. Photograph something that reminds you of a vivid dream you once had
8. Photograph colors as if they were the emotion they represent
9. Photograph an extreme close up of a  tattoo
10. Photograph from a balcony
11. Photograph the concept of waiting
12. Photograph hair as if it were landscape
13. Photograph mother’s cooking
14. Photograph “cold”
15. Photograph the juxtaposition of young and old
16. Photograph silence
17. Photograph a dinner party
18. Photograph a musician
19. Photograph a striking landscape at night
20. Photograph a self portrait

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