Friday, March 2, 2012

10 things every serious photographer needs to know...

  1. 1. Look at other current photographers' work
  2. 2. Stop over thinking
  3. 3. Find the right camera for YOU
  4. 4. Great photos aren't found in the menu
  5. 5. Lighting: Break out of your mold
  6. 6. Rent a lens first
  7. 7. Get good at Photoshop or find somebody that is
  8. 8. Once you go pro, shift to business-focused mindset
  9. 9. Understand what online forums are really for
  10. 10. Stop posting works in progress if you want to be taken seriously
  11. Bonus tip--- If you want to have great landscape photos, do what most folks aren't willing to do

  12. Found it here.

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